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Information and Links to local cooperators who are active with native plant or wildlife activities, or sources of native plant information and photography may be listed below at the discretion of Chapter Officers and/or board of directors.

We do not necessarily endorse any particular persons, activities, or content of publications.

Mt Emily Recreation Area - Hanley Jenkins, Union County and Bart and Pam Barlow 963.9740

Other Cooperator Links:

Blue Mountains Conservancy - Dr. Karen Antel

Chris Christie's Baker County Blogspot -- Nature photography, plants, wildlife, and reports of local birding activity from multiple individuals as well as (be forewarned) a dose of politics and community activism. Chris also has a collection of plant photos on the University of California "CalPhoto" site. Although those are species of California, many also occur in Oregon and in Baker County. Follow this link to Chris's part of the Calphoto Album

Grande Rhonde Model Watershed (GRMW)

GROWISER native plant preserve. contact Andy Huber at 962-3543, ahuber@eou.edu, or see www.growiser.org.